Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller

Research project manager and certified Principal Investigator at the Medical University Vienna, and Consultant at SCIgenia Health Research Support GmbH

Wilhelm Mosgöller
Short Biography
  • Medical Student at the University Vienna (A) Queen Sqare Neurological Hospital in London (U.K),
  • Graduation 1987
  • University Assistant, Medical Cell Biology Research, Univ. Wien
  • Guest Scientist at the John Innes Plant Research Centre (Dept. Cell Biology) – Norwich, U.K.
  • Assistant Doctor, Surgery and Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology, Pulmology) at
    1) Army Hospital Vienna, Austria , and 2) University Clini. Med. Univ. Vienna
  • Head of the Cell and Tissue Laboratory, Inst. f. Histology and Embryology of the University Vienna
  • Head of Experimental Structure Research Workgroup,  Institute of Cancer Research, Medical Univ. Vienna.
  • Trainer for the Austrian Medical Chamber „Project Management“ for post graduates since 2005.
  • Foundation of SCIgenia Project Design & Management (2009)